Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Step by step how to print an insert for your card.

For this card layout I chose Landscape (even though it is a portrait card)
The text layout is wide or landscape.

For this card I chose Portrait (because the insert, not the card, is portrait)
I have tried to highlight the actionable choices in blue, the rest is just explanation.
I have been asked how I print out the inserts I make for my handmade cards, so I thought I might share it with all of you. I have Microsoft Office Word 2007. I open a page in Word, at the top of the page I choose Page Layout, I can take portrait - the top half of this would be blank with the writing on the bottom 1/2 of the card. Or landscape- which means the left hand side of the card should be blank with the text writing on the right hand side of the card this all depends on the way my card is laid out. If I am choosing the landscape option (wide) I will then go to columns, and choose 2 columns, that will split your page in 1/2. Then I go to Size - More sizes is where you can type in the size of your full sheet of paper. My cards are mainly 5 x 7 so I would choose 9.9 x 6.9 or 6.9 x 9.9. I make the insert slightly smaller than the card itself. All of the above is done in the Page Layout, I then move back to Home (another title in your word document) and from there I can choose center alignment, (this is a picture not a title) to get the typing centerd on the page. I then type in my text, I click and drag to highlight all of the text and I then choose Font and Size. Some fonts are a small 14 and I have to increase it to a 18, or some are a large 10, that all depends and you have to eyeball it. If the text is highlighted, when you roll over the different fonts you will see a preview of what each one will look like. Now if you chose Portrait (long) the card will fold in the middle and the space above the fold will be blank. On this layout I have to press enter a few times to get to where I perceive the lower 1/2 of the page is. I then go to Print Preview, to eyeball it, or hold a ruler to the screen and see if it looks centered correctly. When I am happy with the results, this is very important, I then close the document and save it as Portrait or Landscape, or wide or long whatever is easiest for you to remember, and I save it in My Documents. The next time you want to make an insert everything above will be done and saved, all you have to do is go in to the document, highlight the existing text, start typing in the text you want for the current card and it will replace it exactly like you have it all set up. After you print the page and go to close the document it will ask if you want to save your changes, I usually say no and my original text comes back in place. Last - Printing, very important that you first cut your paper down to the size you chose. Then go to Print - Properties - Size, choose Custom 1, 2, or 3, then press the Custom button that will be on that box, enter your sizes, press Save and ok then press ok on the next page it takes you to , and then press ok again to start printing. The next time you go to print the new text you will still have to set up the printing by choosing your custom 1 or custom 2 however you saved it. Once you set this up it is a breeze to print anything you want in your cards.


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  2. Wow, We were just discussing how to do this on a Yahoo Group today- how easy you make it all seem! Thank You so much for sharing your wisdom! *Hugs*


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