Monday, February 25, 2013


Sorry folks, I am having a problem with a few Anonymous readers, they are at my blog daily offering us all sorts of links to strange things no one I know wants to visit.  I tried to remove a few posts they were hitting really hard, like 4685 comments per post (I know I'm not that popular lol) I thought that might deter them but they of course found a new set of favorite posts to wreak havoc on.  After much investigation otherwise known as Googling, I believe I have found an answer to the problem.  I have changed my settings in comments to only allow "Registered Users" and "Open ID Users", which means Anonymous can not comment.  If your name shows up when you comment as anyone other than Anonymous you should fall into that category,  I hope this does not inconvenience anyone.  If it does I have the option of allowing comment moderation which means you can't see your comment after it is written, it will post after I release it, so if this is a problem I can go that route.  Rest assured I will not go to Word Verification, I can not read those crazy word  scrambles myself,  it takes me at least 2 tries to get it right and that is after I have requested at least 3 better pictures which is aggravating since I am such a slow typist.  Sometimes I type out my comment and have to give up, and it was all for nothing because I can not get it to give me a readable phrase.
So to make a short story long, I had switched this post from published to drafts to deter them, when I put it back to published it published today!  All of the others published back where they belonged, where they were dated in chronological order, for some reason this one did not, so I am sorry, this is from somewhere back in 2009.  I know from experience if I deleted it or put it back to a draft anyone who had Google Reader would be able to see it in Reader but not on my blog, so I figured what the heck, and I let it stay in today's post!  Sorry this is so wordy, you don't have to bother reading through any more really.

My friend Michelle , from Extremelycrafty ( who has an awesome blog also) asked me how to make the butterflies on my spinner card. Sorry Michelle, I had to find the name of the chalks I use, the jars didn't say Pearl-Ex, once they come out of the packaging they don't have any identification. My kids bought me the set for my birthday a few years ago from JoAnns , and they last forever! The colors are so vibrant.
I found this site that sells the Jacquard Pearl Ex chalks (actually mica powders).
I used these to color in my butterflies. I included the product description, so you can get an idea of why they have a pearly look to them. The picture below is of set #2 which is the set I have with the pink flamingo. I use the pink, blue, yellow and green and I apply them with a sponge tip eyeshadow applicator.
Versatile mica pigments can be incorporated into any media for application on any surface. Mix with artist colors for a metallic look that will not tarnish or fade. Transform plain clay into luminous art. Use in or on handmade papers. Swirl into melted wax to create metallic candles. Great for faux finishes on furniture and walls. Use on fabric and glass. Add to embossing powders for rubber stamping and scrapbook pages. Pearl Ex particles are flat platelets with two surfaces, therefore it lays down beautifully like a thin coating of metal. The different particle sizes produce different looks from a fine, smooth, pearly luster to a highly metallic sheen.
This is what the jars look like.

I stamp the butterflies (Wonderful Wings from Stampin Up) with Stazon white opaque ink because it dries fast on plastic surfaces. Here is the problem, the frosted vellum I stamp on is industrial grade .004 drafting vellum frosted one side. It is fairly thick for vellum, but it is stiff enough that I can crease it and the wings will stay up for me. I don't know if they sell it anywhere, I was fortunate that when we closed up our print and sample shop at work I was able to take the samples. Hold the presses! You are in luck, through the magic of the internet I just found some and beleive it or not I found it at Dick Blicks, the same place that sells the Pearl-Ex. That is so wierd, I have never shopped there, I searched drafting film and they popped up again. Looks like they have a .003 or .005 either one would work fine in this application. Actually the prices are quite reasonable too, I know where I will go when I run out now. I will have to save the site to my favorites, looks like they have a lot of nice crafting stuff too. How's that for a plug Dick Blick?

Ok so I stamp them , then I cut them out by hand, do the edges in an 18kt gold leafing pen by Krylon, crease them into shape, and then I add the Pearl Ex. On some of the butterflies I dotted them with my Uniball Signo white opaque pen I bought from StampinUp. I add jewels or some kind of bling and I am done. Hope this helps~Diane


  1. Thank you so much for the mention and the instructions. These butterflies are really gorgeous. Next time I am in a carft shop I am looking for the suggested items. You make it all look so easy!

    If you haven’t had a chance to check out my blog recently, I wanted to let all my followers know that I’m embarking on a new challenge and hope you’ll join in.

    Extremely Crafty is calling all crafters to unite against childhood cancer as part of our Craft Against Cancer challenge for the Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign.

    Help by doing what you love – crafting and we would love to tell the world about your efforts. We’ll post on our Fundraiser page your photo and link back to your blog or website.


    Best wishes! Michele x

  2. Hi Diane,
    So sorry to read you have some sort of spaming going on. I think changing your settings will take care of it though and hopefully the end. I do not have my blog open to non registered users either. I think it is best.

    Love seeing the butterflies from 2009. They are beautiful.
    Have a great week and stay warm. I see more snow is on the way or already arrived.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  3. So sorry to hear you're having nasty problems also. Why do people want to ruin things for everybody? It seems so senseless to do that. Anyway, glad you found a way to curb the nasties. I'm so glad I'm subscribed to your blog.
    Your butterflies on the vellum paper are so pretty. I've had 2 sets of pearl ex for years and never used them since I don't remember why I bought them before. Duh!! Guess I could get them out to play with, see what happens. Glad I saw your post about them re: your butterflies and the vellum paper. Maybe I should go on DickBlick to see if I can find some inkjet vellum paper for my printer. Not a good idea to use regular vellum in a printer as it must gum it up or something from the vellum surface. I learned the hard way long time ago, ruined a good printer. Nobody in Grand Junction seems to carry the ink jet vellum any more. Totally bummed as I hate having to pay for s/h to get things. But looks like my choices have been taken away from me. I love to print some images out on vellum, such a soft look over another paper.

  4. Wow, those butterflies look amazing! Beautiful and just what I needed to see at the tail end of winter...A very grey!

  5. Diane gorgeous card, sorry you are having probs with spam, makes me crazy, hugs

  6. Hey sweetie, this is just gorgeous....

    I love what you have done here, a really gorgeous creation...

    Hugs Pops x x x

  7. well this card was new to me and I am glad to have seen it! So sorry about the spam, my blog gets a lot too but it just gets sent to my spam folder. I have to look through to make sure no legit post gets lost but it works pretty well:) Hardly anyone allows anonymous comments anymore, that is why, wordpress will not allow them at all. Have a great day Diane!

  8. Wow so pretty Diane! Those butterflies are amazing!

  9. I did that some time ago, because I had a quite a few off comments!!!! It is sad when friends can't comment, but it was not worth the risk! Although you will find a few "bloggers" have weird offerings as well! Those butterflies are stunning and makes me want Spring all the more! Enjoy the day!

  10. I love this, Diane! Your butterflies are amazing!


  11. These things happen all the time. It is happening to me right now on my MS blog (which I haven't been to in 2 months! Bad me!!) I get all of these anonymous comments with links to weird things. Luckily, they don't post unless I let them. so I think you are on the right track with fixing the problem!!
    Good luck!! And I love the butterflies!!

  12. Sorry about the spammers. I use the setting which allows me to approve comments via e-mail first before they are published.

    Love this idea!

  13. Hi Diane, Stopping back by to say,
    thank you for the sweet birthday greeting my friend.
    Hope your snow melts soon and springtime on the way.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Big hugs, Celestina Marie

  14. these bflies are stunning, diane! i just stopped the anon. comments for the same reason. happy weekend!

  15. Just saw this post, and I love those butterflies! Hugs, Valerie

  16. I must look into this as well... thanks for sharing this info about spamming.
    Your butterflies are divine. So delicate and pretty.
    I have been travelling hence could not be regular.

  17. Your butterflies are beautiful. I can honestly say I have purchased from Blick and they are excellent to work with. "Butterflies are the bearers of 10,000 happinesses." Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...


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