Sunday, January 13, 2013

Revised card

Sorry to bore you all, but the card in my previous post was a mess, I am so upset with myself!  Looks like I was drunk when I put that together!  Funny how I did not see it until I saw my blog in Google Reader!  That is so crooked, I could not believe I did not see it!  I have worked on this card for 4 days now,  I had a hard time getting the punched purple to fit the image, so I ended up taping it in pieces to the back of the image.  I know it would have been easier to just print the purple paper again, but because I ran out of pink ink in my printer, and refilled it, it now printed a different color purple paper and it did not match my background piece either. This is a good example of what happens when I don't use my Perfect Layers Rulers, no kidding, and this is why I have them, this just  drives me nuts!  I can't stand it when I glue it together crooked, I have a mental problem with it I think, it's a real pet peeve of mine.  lol.  I think the reason I did not see it was because I was trying so hard to get the Stickles that I trimmed on to the lace edges to show in the photo that I obviously did not see the whole set up was crooked.  So I spent the better part of today trying to delicately take it apart and straighten it out.  At first I thought it was the way I cut and taped the Fleur de Lis border on to the back of the picture, it was slightly uneven, but after tearing it all apart and adding pieced corners from the other punch, (I thought if I rounded out the corners they would not look as crooked) after sifting through my waste basket to find pieces of the Fleur de Lis to tape back on...I realized that was not the problem at all!   My inspiration for the whole piece was the line of trim from the headbands I placed around the picture, that was my culprit, I glued that on crooked!  So I pushed and nudged, and  I am afraid if I try to take it off I will totally ruin the card.  Which by the way was already in the envelope ready to be sent out!  I was going to just replace the card in that post, but then I thought you all might get a kick out of seeing what I went through.  
Thanks for looking... and laughing with me.  ~Diane
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  1. I still can't see what was crooked on the other version of the card! I love the card, but I think you were too hard on yourself! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Diane, simply gorgeous, love all the oh la la, and those colors just snap it all together, hugs

  3. oh hun,this is brilliant,just love this is just amazing,love it,know what you mean about straight hun drives me nuts too,hugs Cherylx

  4. Oh Diane, Your card is gorgeous and even the first one was stunning. I never noticed any crooked areas. But I do understand your perfectionism. I do the same thing and it bugs me to know end when things are not straight.
    Thank you for sharing your card again and telling us your story. It's okay for a little booboo now and then. Makes us real!!
    Have a great evening and week ahead.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  5. Oh honey, you are so hard on yourself. I have an eye for detail but would have never noticed anything out of place on the first posted card. This is simply gorgeous. Hugs always, Mina

  6. You know, I had to go look back twice to see how drunk you were!!! I never noticed that for one second, because the beauty is what drew me in and I never thought to see how well every gorgeous detailed lined up! You rock, GF! I don't doubt for one minute that I have a few off balance!!!

  7. I loved it before and I still love it. Strange how sometimes we aren't happy with something until we change it.

    Well done it is still stunning.

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. wow beautiful!!!! you aren't happy with this???? WHAT! heheh. I LOVE it! The colours are so beautiful and striking and the layout is so pretty. i love it! :D

  9. Oh Diane, it totally looked fine to me, but we are always hardest on ourselves, right? :) Anyway, it's really beautiful and the color is drop dead gorgeous!

  10. Hi Diane,

    look simply gorgeous this card for me both look gorgeous;)
    have a niceweek

  11. Diane, Your cards are so beautiful I cannot imagine you making one that looks a mess. This is beautiful I love the colors and the image. Hugs, Linda

  12. I thought it was wonderful! I love the blue and the purple on the card! Absolutely beautiful!


  13. I didn't notice until until I went back and looked. But I would have thought that it was the camera angle.

    Never heard of the perfect layers rulers - I'm off to check them out.


  14. I still don't see it. I think it is brilliant.


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