Friday, August 17, 2012

Sweet surprise in the mail!

I received this beautiful belated Birthday card in the mail from my sweet blogging friend Gerri who writes a wonderful blog called It's all Treasure.   Thank you Gerri, this really cheered me up, and I really needed that too, I have been feeling a bit down, getting sciatica right now stinks!  My family needs my help installing the floors and I am more of a burden than a help right now.  
I love all the beautiful detail on this card, I told her it really is much more beautiful IRL than on the blog.  I love how she uses her Stickles, framing adding jewelry and accents everywhere!  
Be sure to stop by Gerri's blog and see the her work and and watch a video Etsy made for Etsy TV featuring her also talented husband John (Classic Wrecks) work.  They are both so talented.   Thanks again Gerri, your card really made my day!
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  1. Nothing nicer than a handmade gift from someone special. Love the detail.

    Happy Belated b-day!

  2. Beautiful suprise and hope you feel better soon. x

  3. Oh, sooo sorry your having pain -- I've had some very minor issues with this same issue -- NOT fun and very PAINFUL! ;-( My Mom suffered with it for years!
    Think I recall your Bday was awhile back?! Happy Bday (again) though!!! ;-)
    Lovely card to cheer you too!!!

  4. Uhhh, meant 'you're' having pain -- Ugh!!!

  5. This is lovely, Diane. Gerri always makes lovely stuff, she really is a sunshine! Enjoy! And take care od yourself! Hugs, Valerie

  6. I hope you had a good birthday Diane, happy belated birthday wishes. Love your card from gerri, how lovely of her.
    Sorry you are in pain at the moment, I hope you get better very soon.
    Hugs Brenda xox

  7. Oh I wish you were feeling better! That was sweet of Gerri and quite lovely as well. I hope you have a "painfree" weekend!

  8. dear Diane,
    Im so happy to bring a smile to your face. Sciatica really hurts, I had it once too. Try to relax...the work will get done. Just take care of yourself. take care my friend, gerri

  9. How sweet of your friend, Diane to cheer you up... am so sad to know that your pain is not getting any better. But please don't think that you are a burden on your family... you are such a sweet person, you could be anything BUT that.
    I will keep you in my loving thoughts.


  10. Diane, what a sweet sweet card, so sad to hear your pain is not better, I know from first hand experience, if you don't just stop and let it heal it will prolong all the symptoms, your family loves you, the floor will get done so slow down and heal dear one, hugs

  11. Hi Diane, Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Thanks for your visit and comments. Your be-lated card is beautiful. Take care. Hugs, Linda

  12. So sorry this is lingering for you :( Wishing you will and will keep you in my prayers...The card is just beautiful!

  13. One lucky lady GF! Beautiful card, hope you feel better soon, nothing worse than a pain in the...

  14. Sending get well wishes your way Diane :) Such a pretty card.

  15. Oh Diane, I am so sorry you still aren't well, and I am double sorry I missed your birthday!!!!! I hope there was a little bright spot in your world that day.
    And thank you from the bottom of my heart for your lovely comment! It really means a lot to me!!

  16. Good Morning sweetie, this is stunning, so love what you have done here a gorgeous creation, huggles Pops x x x

  17. Hi Diane,
    So sorry to hear about your sciatica. I had this years ago and I know how painful it can be. Just please take care and rest.

    Your beautiful card from Gerri is so sweet and I am sure it did cheer you up. She sounds so talented and I will stop by to visit.

    Thank you for your visit today and your encouraging words. You always bless me with your comments and always lift my spirits.

    Feel better soon and have a good week ahead.
    XO Celestina Marie

  18. What a beautiful card! I love the detailing on it! I hope you are feeling better soon.


  19. What a beautiful card. Geri is so gifted. Honey, I am so sorry about your sciatica. I understand it is so painful and the thought of you in pain breaks my heart. Take care of you, Diane. Hugs, Mina


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