Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Christmas cards

Hi, I'm sorry I have been away from posting new cards.  I have a bad case of Sciatica that makes everything I do very painful.  Couple that with the wood floor installation, and my craft room being the catch all for all random pieces of furniture that get in the way of it.  My craft room is like an obstacle course and I have not seen the color of my desk in months!  But I did get these Christmas cards started.  I was inspired by a card I saw on Pinterest by Susie, you can see it at her blog Summerwalk designs.  I changed it up a bit but I loved her idea.  The letters are a Stencil cut from the SCAL cutting program.  The rounded rectangle shape is one of their program cuts too, (it was a square)  I just layered 1 inside the other.  The Envelope Liner is from Lindsay's Stamp Stuff.  I used 3 rows of glittered ribbon under the stencil cut on the Joy card and I am not sure if you can see it, I used white glittered paper behind the Noel.  The penguin embellie is from Jolee's boutique, part of my Christmas stash from my daughter last year.  I added a little Stickles Eucalyptus and Magenta for trim.  I photographed the cards with some of my favorite Christmas bulbs, the blue one dates back to the 30's, I'm not sure about the pink one.
I hope everyone is surviving this strange summer of 2012.  This is one of the hottest and driest on record here in Michigan.  
I hope to get a few more cards done this week, sorry to be away for so long.  I feel bad, I have been visiting you and I know you have come back and commented and I still have the same post rolling. (It was a good one with all those goodies from my friend Valerie).  But I did need to update it with something new!   Thank you for all of your sweet comments and emails wondering where I had gone and if I were OK.  I am touched to know so many sweet blogging friends, thank you all for checking up on me.  It will be easier to craft once my house is not in a constant state of upheaval too.  Thanks for looking.  ~Diane

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  1. Your cards are lovely, Diane. Like both of them - very CAS and elegant.
    Sorry that you suffer from Sciatica and that your craft room is like an obstacle course...
    Must remember to keep you in my loving prayers,
    Monica xxx

  2. Sooooooooooooooooooooo nice to see you posting again! Love your Christmas cards, great colours too!Hope the way to your work space will soon be less cluttered! Take care, hugs, Valerie

  3. Hello Diane
    Sorry to read that you have been suffering. It is good to have you back again :)
    Beautiful cards!
    I need to be like you, get motivated now as before I know it, Christmas will be upon us.
    Wishes to you.

  4. Hello Diane,

    Thank you for for giving my card, His Love Endures Forever, credit in your blog post. I appreciate it. You did a wonderful job "Casing it." I'm flattered that you like it. This is my first time visiting your blog - very nice. Hope you'll be feeling better soon too. I suffer from a bad back and neck myself and know all to well how painful days can be when it's acting up. Take your time and ease back into creativity and enjoy the fact that you have many friends who have missed you.

    Susie Lessard ~

  5. Diane, these are beautiful, so sad you have been suffering, keeping you in prayers, hugs

  6. Sciatica is soooo painful, hope you feel better soon. Loving your Christmas cards, take care, Annette x

  7. Awww hope you are feeling better soon Diane! Love the gorgeous design..such a beautiful card :)

  8. I'm sorry you are still having trouble, and a mess in the craft room just makes things harder.
    I am happy you were able to get something done!!

  9. Sending you get well wishes Diane! Such pretty cards!

  10. I should send you a picture of my craft room! It is amazing that I can do anything!! Sorry you are still feeling poorly and in pain! That really stinks! Lovely Christmas cards and so nice to start a collection early! Take care and feel better!

  11. I hope that you are feeling better...It's awful when you are uncomfortable but you wouldn't know it from the great cards ;)

  12. i panic everytime someone posts a xmas card...i haven't started mine yet! love your cards, diane:) hope your back stops bothering you, i know that pain. (my craft room is always an obstacle course:)

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