Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A few cards I've been working on

I've been busy thinking up new cards for my friends and my daughter. I am still trying to organize my stamps. I photographed all of my Stampin Up sets on Friday and I somehow lost them in my computer. I have been loading pictures incorrectly so I figured out what I was doing wrong there. I would keep pictures on my camera card so that every time I loaded new pictures into my HP Image Zone, the program would recognize them as new and make back ups and copies, and then when I would edit them I would get more copies. So now I have it set up to delete the photo's from my camera card after I transfer them. I thought I was keeping the photo's in My Pictures so I deleted the photo's in the HP program. Guess what? That deleted my photo's in My Pictures too. Well the good part is that I found out that I have a back up so I found the photo's and I also found about 800 more copies of copies to go through and try to delete only the many duplicates. I am happy that I figured out the back up and how to recover from it. I will post a tutorial on spinner cards soon. Thanks for looking~Diane


  1. WOW Diane you sure have been busy! :) I love all of your creations they are beautiful!!! Thanks so much for the kind comment on my flower card over at are so sweet! :) Enjoy your weekend!
    Hugs ~Kim

  2. These are beautiful! I especially LOVE the card with the balloons! Super card! Your cards a very creative! Best, Curt

  3. What cute cards! Thanks for the friend request on PCP, It's official, we're friends.
    My personal blog is if you get a chance you can hop on over! :o)

  4. Wow! You have been one busy bee! :)Great cards. I love the graduation hat! :)

  5. Thanks Wendy, the inside of the graduation card has an announcement printed on white card stock on the left and a photo on the right. I framed the photo with the same green. I didn't include the inside because I thought my friend may not want her daughters photo and announcement on the internet. I will have to make a blank one. Thanks for the comment~Diane

  6. Balloons Card is too cute! How fun is that?!

  7. Diane,

    Gorgeous cards!. I like, :)



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