Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Baby Shower

Hi All, sorry I have been MIA from my blog and yours lately.  I did want to pop in and share some of the wonderful ideas my daughters BFF and her mother came up with for the baby shower they gave her back in October, they really blew me away!  It was all so beautiful and filled with so many wonderful and creative ideas too!   Many of the ideas came from Pinterest, at least their take on what they saw on Pinterest, what a fabulous tool that is!  Anyway I can't take credit for this but since I have a blog I wanted to share it with other Pinners and with my blog buddies.  They did such a beautiful job, I am sure it will help others planning too.  I really wanted to share some of the ideas here since they were definitely "Pin Worthy" so others could Pin these ideas forward too.
So what should I start with, the cake of course!  It was as delicious as it was beautiful, my mouth still waters for that delicious butter-cream frosting and moist sweet cake!  The tables were gorgeous with the tulle skirts they made and I loved the lime green, hot pink, teal and purple color scheme too!  It looked perfect with the deep purple walls in the school cafeteria where it was held.  Don't you love how they tied the sash of tulle to the cake platters too, it really dressed up the plain clear pedestals.
Whats next you ask?  The "Candy Bar", I had never heard of one before this, but I can tell you, this one was awesome!  All different kinds of candy dressed up in pretty containers, it really was a sight to see.
 Check out the decorations hanging above the table too!
As if candy did not look delicious enough on its own, all of the unique presentations made this look awesome!
I love the look of the jar of jelly beans layered in pink and green.
The sweet candy bags came from Paper Mart, the teal tulle did too.  A printed a thank you on a peel off sticker and a pink pregnant die cut to seal the bag of treats with.
She even wrapped up suckers with crepe paper to make them look like roses, then placed them in a bowl with plastic grass, I was amazed at how sweet it looked and how time consuming it must have been too!

A sweet little frame decorated in rhinestones to set on the candy table.
The beautiful plants on the tables did double duty as prizes also.

More of the beautiful decorations that were hung above tables, they really gave it such an elegant look!

I loved this idea, everyone made hair accessories and signed the tag so she will know who made what for her.  It was a fun activity for everyone to do also!
Plenty of glue guns and we used plastic cutting boards to protect the table from the glues mess.
There were 2 tables set up so everyone had plenty of room to work.
Lots of things to choose from too!
Great idea to use a jewelery tree to hang them on when they were done, you can see the little tags with string they put their names on.
This is the frame they are presently hanging the hair accessories on in her room.  This photo was taken right after the shower, it was on the floor here as they had not hung it yet.  She was so excited she had to load them all on right after the shower so she could see what they looked like!

Well, that's it, I hope you get some ideas from this next time you are involved in Baby Shower preparations, this shower was really beautiful, so well thought out and planned, I really can't thank them enough.

 Thanks for stopping by.  ~Diane
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  1. What a huge relief Diane that you are okay. I have popped in here a few times as I was worried. Wow what an amazing bright and super fun baby shower. Thank you for sharing these awesome ideas with us.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. Hi Diane, this looks fabulous and I'm sure you all had a wonderful day.
    Hope all is well in your world.
    Avril xx

  3. Hi Diane, what fabulous shower decor. I love the unique colors away from the norm of pink and blue. The candy bar, the crafting section and the cake is incredible. Looks like lots of fun had by all. The ideas are awesome!! Thanks for sharing this post.
    Hope you are doing well.
    Wishing you a Happy St.Patrick's Day too.
    Hugs, CM

  4. Amazing photographs of all of the wonderful coloured makes. Nice to see you back

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Wow, this is all so pretty! The colours are fabulous and what wonderful makes! Good to see you back, hugs Carole Z X

  6. Top notch! A lot of work and creativity went into this shower. What fun.

  7. Now *I* want cake!! Everything is beautiful - so much attention to detail! And, it's GREAT to see you again :) XOXO Christi

  8. such a pretty party, diane! love the bright colors!

  9. wow that is some baby shower and oh those colors, thanks for the share, hugs

  10. What a fabulous baby shower that had to be. The cakes are amazing! Hope you are doing well!

  11. Amazing. Love the hair accessories. Sorry, I too have been MIA quiet often.

  12. You know how I love color color color and m' eyes have been bedazzled by the wonderful colors presented for the baby shower. Wow...and that is a true understatement.

  13. That was some party Diane. Hope all is well with you.

    Hugs and Blessings

  14. Hi Diane, so fun to view the shower once again. Love all the bright and cheerful colors and decor. Thank you for stopping by and your kind visits and comments. I just love seeing you and hope you are enjoying a great summer. Hugs and Blessings my

  15. Hi Diane -- I see you haven't posted for ages ... me either, however I'm beginning to blog again if you would like to pop over. I miss you and my other blogging friends. Hope all is well, as you haven't posted for ages. If you still have my email, drop me a line. This is the most fantastic post! The colours are so vibrant -- such a lot of work went into the beautiful presentation. So impressed. hugs, Donna

  16. Oh wow hun amazing the detail colours and presentation just superb hun. I too am back blogging had to start a new one so link is here sweetie if you,d be kind enough to follow mW again hugs chertyl xxx


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