Saturday, November 19, 2011

Transform an old wine rack into marker storage.

Good Morning, I had the pleasure of doing a Podcast interview with Lindsay Weirich, the Frugal Crafter this week.  We discussed craft room organization and this was one of my ideas.  I made this organizer for my Letraset markers out of a wine rack I purchased at Salvation Army, it is an inexpensive one that expands or contracts to lay flat.  I measured the openings, they were a little bigger than 3"x3" so that is the size I made my boxes.  I made the boxes out of 12"x15"  Flexible Chopping Mats that I purchased in a package of 2 for a dollar at Dollar Treasure.  Very easy to make, I scored the mat with scissors and a ruler every 3".  I then cut the mat into 3 pieces: two 6"x12"pieces and one 3"x 12".  I used the 3"x12" to make the bottoms of the boxes and used packaging tape to assemble them.  You can also find glasses to fit into the openings, I originally used the POM ice tea glasses but they did not hold as many markers as these square boxes. I divided my markers into colors and I also have a box for Spica Atyou glitter markers and other unusual markers.  I made a 3 sided box for the bottom to hold my Souffle pens.  This sits on the top of my desk hutch so it is out of the way, yet still in sight.  I can pull a box of colors down to the desk to work with, or just grab them 1 at a time.  
I know you will enjoy listening to Lindsay's Frugal Crafter Podcast, she offers 1 every Friday and they are always packed with awesome ideas.  Well, thanks for looking and hopefully also listening this week.  ~Diane  
PS, you can hear me on Episode 3, Craft room organization below.


  1. Always fun to see what people use to organise their supplies and I love it even more when they do something that little bit different instead of merely purchasing expensive storage solutions.
    Brilliant ideas.
    P.S. Would you like to schedule a date for you to organise my craft space LOL

  2. Loving your inventiveness Diane, such a great idea. x

  3. Great idea, Diane! My friend made me something similar, using heavy cardboard cylinders that she recycled from where she works. She covered them with pretty patterned papers, and hot glued them together--the best thing was, I didn't have to make it!!!


  4. Great organzing idea and the best way to store those inky pens. Thank you for sharing...

  5. When you are done there, can you pop on over and help me out???????? Guess what I was working on yesterday and did not get very far! The room! This is really a great idea and thanks for sharing! Link is now up to join in at FSC! Have a lovely weekend!

  6. using the mats and wine rack is so creative, diane! tfs:)

  7. Congratulations on your interview!! Your organizing is fabulous!!

  8. What a fab idea, I haven't got that many markers and I tend to cart them around to the many craft sessions I go to but this could be used for so many things. Thanks for sharing this great tip,
    I've joined as a follower too,

  9. A great idea for organization! Love how you made the little boxes, too!

  10. Oh wow, I'm jealous!!!! I barely know where anything is! lol

  11. What a nifty idea on this, Diane The pens show up nicely and are so easy to get to.

  12. Looks like a great way to store your markers! TFS

  13. what a great idea for storage. love this. Hope you had a fun weekend my friend
    hugs June x

  14. What a clever idea. And congrats for the podcast.

    xxx Monica

  15. wonderful ideas Diane!


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