Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesdays Tools - Firefox QuickNote

I have found some exciting and helpful tools that make my life and writing this blog so much easier!  I would love to share them with you.  I am not a very technical or computer savvy person so I have written this for people like me.  If you copy and print this out you will literally be able to go step by step. 
Today I will share Firefox QuickNote, for this add on you will need Firefox as your browser.  Firefox is just another free browser, like Internet Explorer or Opera.  These tools are only available on Firefox, the other browsers may have something similar that I am not aware of.
If you have Firefox go to Tools at the top of your page, click on Add Ons then you will be at Get Add Ons.  There will be a search box (search all add ons) you will type in QuickNote A picture of QuickNote will pop up, click on it and it will say Learn More or Add to Firefox.  You want to Add to Firefox.  A warning box will appear asking if you trust the site, you will click Install Now.  Then you will be asked to Re-Start your computer.  When you have re started it will offer to search for updates, if it does you can, if it doesn't don't worry about it just close that box.
To access QuickNote you will find it at the top of your screen in Tools, click on it and then when you scroll over QuickNote your options are Float, Sidebar and Settings.  The first time you will want to start in Settings.  This will have a section that says Number of Notes (Tabs) you will want 4.  As I am pretty low tech myself, that is the only selection I make on that page so close that window.  Go back to Tools, QuickNote and you may choose either Float or Sidebar.  You can try each one, see what one you like best.  I have 2 screens so I put mine on Float and move it to my second screen.  The nice part about 2 screens is that I can leave it (QuickNote) up, it does not disappear when I start typing on my other screen.  So it is just like having a book open to the right spot at all times.  It may look small, but you can pull the edge to make it wider and it does have a scroll bar , it will  keep getting longer as you go, so you can add to it endlessly!
So what do I do with it you ask. You are gonna LOVE this, I could not be without it.   I have divided the 4 sections into handy file drawers.
Note 2 is where I keep my gold mine, it has all of my blog information at my fingertips.  Here is where I have all of my crafting products categorized and listed.  Whenever I get a new craft product I add it to my list here.  My categories are by manufacturer - Cricut, Spellbinders, Crafty Secrets, Stampin Up, Cuttlebug, Tattered Angels, Bazzill, then Papers, Pens/Pencils/Markers/Inks and Miscellaneous.  Between each section I do a row of stars to separate them, and I write my categories all in caps so it stands out and makes it easy to find. I also double space everything.  If I have a link, like I usually link my Spellbinders and Tattered Angels products back to them, I have that right in the middle of the stars.  I never have to look it up.  I have just added a new category called Techniques.  This is where I list a web address to a tutorial or tip from someone's blog. I get so frustrated when I can't remember where I saw that neat tutorial on how to make that beautiful flower with Glimmer Mist, who do I give credit to for the idea?  Now when I come across a neat idea I have a place to file it I just add a note with the address regarding what it was.  And if I forget a step it takes me back to that page too.  I really think it's important to give credits where they are due.  I have a category called Credits where I keep my most frequented sites for digi and vintage downloads.  You will laugh at this one, I even have a category for how to write "here" so when I need to link back to my blog post to enter it into a challenge I have the little formula right there.  All I have to do is copy and paste from http to html in to the formula. (Did I mention I was low tech?)   This really beats trying to write a post and walking back and forth to my craft room to find the names of the products I used. I know what I used, it's just what is the manufactures correct name and color for what I used.  Where did I get those flowers from? What was the color or name of the Distress ink, Glimmer Mist or punch I used?  It's all here, just a copy and paste away from my blog.  And that's the other added feature, it saves me from typing it all out, I just look it up and do a copy and paste and it goes right into my post!
For the curious, note 1 is for personal stuff, reminders, quotes and such, note 3 is for anything cooking, notes recipes and sites.  Note 4 is my how to where to for anything computer related.  Once you start using this you will ask yourself how did I function without it!  I would love to hear if you try this out or if you are already using it.  I hope you found something helpful here.  Thanks for looking, ~Diane
Thank you for the Anonymous comment, I have edited my error.  I did make a mistake on the name of the program, there are actually 2 different programs.  There are 2 separate programs Firefox Quicknote which is what I use, and Firefox QuickFox Notes.  QuickFox Notes resides as an icon (yellow page) on the right hand bottom of your screen.  When you click on it to pull it up it will appear on the bottom or lower 1/2 of your screen and to be honest I am not sure as yet how to save information here.  I hope this helps.  ~Diane


  1. Hey girl!!! You are the winner of the LSS Digi Stamp Set from last Tuesday on my blog...swing by and let me know your email address so I can have Lindsay send you your winnings! Congrats!

  2. You baffled two different extensions with each other ;)

    QuickNote is different from QuickFox notes!

    To access QuickFox notes press those small icons in right side of your browser's statusbar


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