Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Amazing RAK from my friend Jan!

  My friend Jan at Papercraft Pleasures said she was sending me a "few" Crafty Secrets stickers.  This is way more than a few stickers, and not just stickers either!  She sent Stickers, Vintage Cuts, Vintage Booklets and the Homespun Cotton Scraps!  This is way beyond generous my dear friend!  I could barely get it all in the photo!  I had to fan it out so you could see all the different packs.   Jan, I am just blown away, totally speechless!   I can't believe your generosity!  Thank you so much, I really don't deserve your kindness.  I will do my best to find a way to reciprocate, but you have set the standard extremely high!   My most sincere thanks for this generous and thoughtful RAK.  ~Diane


  1. Oh, Diane, that's so wonderful -- what a nice RAK!!! I'm sure you're deserving & know you'll enjoy everything & put it all to good use!!! How fun!!!

  2. Diane :)
    I love to share and am happy I could send you a few things to brighten your day! Enjoy these!!
    I was just doing a project today and used CS cotton scraps. The project is for a DT blog hop so I can't share yet...but I really like the way it turned out.
    Well, off the computer the rest of the night, it's getting stormy and we're under a tornado watch so I've gotta get the computers shut off.

  3. Diane, that IS a very nice stash! It looks so gorgeous - love it! What a great person Jane is! So nice of her to share! ;D

  4. Diane, you are so sharing, it is just natural that someone who has your sharing gift would share with you. Boy that was a lot of "share" words. Congrats, very nice of Jan.

  5. What a nice gift, for a REALLY nice person! Enjoy, you definitely deserve this!


  6. What a marvelous gift! You are both very special people!


  7. What a wonderful gift you got... I am sure you are deserving of it! Thanks for visiting my blog, and becoming a follower - I am reciprocating! I LOVE the card you created for the 60th birthday - and so many other creations! i haven't time to pour over your blog tonight, but I know I will, because it seems we 'frequent' many of the same digi sites (vintages etc). So glad to see you're on board with our Free Digi Site, and the SNB Blog hop!
    Hugs from Australia!

  8. Hi Diane! This is a VERY nice RAK you received! WOW. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for hopping along at the SNB blog hop!


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