Friday, May 15, 2009

Wonderful Wings

I have to say Wonderful Wings by Stampin Up is still my all time favorite stamp. I also used Doodle This and Delight in life to make these cards. 98% of my card stock is from StampinUp, I love the weight of it, so 98% of the card stock used for the flowers has to be theirs. The butterflies and dragonfly are stamped on a heavy industrial grade of vellum and the bumblebee was stamped on a sheet of clear transparency that I added Crystal Effects (also from StampinUp) to give it more dimension. I gave a tutorial a while back on how to make a pop up card, and I had these pop up cards in my Etsy shop and forgot to share them with you. A lovely customer asked me to add a sentiment to the card, so I printed it on a vellum insert and decorated it with a few more flowers. The dark green paper on the front of the cards is a technique I read about somewhere (sorry I can't remember where). It is made from a beautiful 2 ply napkin that I peeled apart and discarded the white ply. I then took a sheet of plain white card stock, covered it with Saran wrap, and then laid the green napkin on top. I then ironed it (the sandwich of 3 layers) on high (cotton setting), until the 3 layers were fused together. (I covered the top napkin layer with a sheet of paper so I would not scortch the napkin). I then trimmed it to size. This was a wonderful use for these napkins. A girlfriend bought me the napkins from a boutique shop in town as a joke, probably arouns 8 years ago. As we were browsing the store we spotted them, and we could not get over the fact that they cost $12.00 for a package of 10! They are not even full size napkins, they are small little cocktail napkins! Obviously I could not bear to use them for all these years. I mean who who spends $1.20 on each napkin to throw away? The napkin does look beautiful on the cards though. Kind of funny when I think about it, I don't mind spending the $1.20 on the napkin to make a card from, but to wipe your mouth and throw it away, no way! I've been busy making a few custom orders for friends and my daughter; I will share them in my upcoming entries. Thanks again for taking the time to look. ~Diane

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