Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spinner Card

Be careful your flower petals don't get caught in the track.

Red card is my inspiration piece, I just modified the design.

Stampin Up Word Window punch and Dimensionals

I forgot to trim the dimensional to a round shape here

These are foam strips or dimensionals (sticky on 2 sides with foam in between)

So this is a Spinner Card or penny card. The pennies make the rattles or butterflies spin in circles as they travel up and down the slot in the card when you tilt the card from side to side. I used the Word Window punch from Stampin Up to make the track in the side of my card. You will need to line it up and punch it out a few times. I then took 2 pennies, added a foam dimensional to the top of one and placed the penny under the card inside the track. I then added the other penny to the top so they were stuck together with a foam dimensional. (Make sure your dimensional is mounted in the center of the penny. I sometimes find it easier to mount the pennies together and then gently wiggle them into the track.) Also, it works a little better if you trim the edges of the StampinUp dimensional to make it round. I used a 1/2 of a foam dimensional between the bases of the rattles. I used another foam dimensional to attach the stuck together rattles (or butterfly and flower ) to the penny on what is now the outside of the card. (From the bottom up you will have penny, foam, penny, foam, rattle or flower and butterfly.) On the back of the card front I add strips of dimensional foam so that when I attach it to the card there will be air space between the 2 layers of card. Hold the card between your index fingers on the 2 open ends (top and bottom on the rattle card) and tilt the card from side to side and the rattle should spin. Sometimes when it is new you have to shake it down the track to get it broke in a little bit. Sometimes I have to tilt it 15 to 30 times to get it to do an actual circular spin, but once it gets going it will keep spinning in circles. If your foam on the pennies is too big it may have to be trimmed down so it won't catch in the track. Make sure when you are holding the card and tilting it from side to side that you are not pinching the card closed anywhere near the edges or sides of the track, that will constrict the flow also.
This time I decided to add my inspiration piece. The red Thinking of You card was the first spinner card I made. I made it at a StampinUp party which is where I learned the technique. One year I made a Christmas card that had a snowflake that spun on the card, I wish I would have kept that one. The butterfly card is the last one I made. It has a lot of detail, I stamped it with white ink on a very heavy vellum, cut them out by hand, trimmed all the edges with a gold filigree pen, glued on rhinestones and colored chips and colored the wings with chalks. I love to go crazy with the details! Well, thanks again for looking. ~Diane
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  1. An adorable card! (love the penny idea!)

  2. I love this card! And i just posted it!


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