Saturday, March 14, 2009

Some Tie Dye results

Hello, I had fun making these cards with my tie dye card stock. The Stampin Up set Very Punny has these cute little fishes. I used the Stampin Up Crystal Effects (kind of like a clear puffy paint for those who have never used it) to make the fish and their bubbles raise up off the card, it gives them a 3D look. This stamp came with the words best fishes attached. I found a neat trick for mounting your rubber stamps I will share. I think the best fishes is cute but it would have
taken away from this card if I had stamped it with each and every fish. If I get a stamp that has words attatched, when I trim it before mounting it, I cut the words off and mount them to the side or top of the stamp. That way you can use them separately without fooling around with masking them. Also, if your stamp has already been mounted, you can stick it in the microwave for 10 or 15 seconds and the rubber will come off to be repositioned or in this case you could cut the words off and re-mount them on the side. I also found out that if you have an image that requires 2 stamps, like a flower stamp and a stem stamp, it is easier to position them correctly if you mount the stamp at the very top of your block or bottom instead of centering it. That way you can see where you are aiming at and get them to meet each other. I have the stem mounted to the top, and the corresponding flower is shifted towards the bottom. That way I can see all of the stem and my block is not in my way when I am positioning the flower. Of course I found this out after all my stamps were mounted, so the microwave tip came in real handy for me. Hope you enjoy this.

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