Saturday, March 7, 2009

My craft room

Good morning crafters. I have been pretty busy
this week and I haven't had much time to make
cards. I do have some photo's to share of my
craft room. Mind you this was originally our
craft/computer room where my son had his
computer set up. I somewhat took the space over
( he didn't mind). I still have his artwork (gaming posters)
on the walls.
I turned the closet into a useful storage space. I have 1 shelf
with 4 x 5 papers and card stock, finished cards, my heat
embossing gun (inside the old metal cake pan) and binders
with ideas and pictures of my stamps. Did you know that
the heat embossing gun works better if you lay your object
on top of a piece of aluminum foil or an aluminum pan? I
have designated an old cake pan and it helps to control the
mess too. A smart tip I learned from my Stampin Up
demonstrator. On the top of the dresser I have my card
stock and inside the dresser I have my stamp sets,
punches and some embellishments. I have a hanging
organizer with odds and ends too. My desk has my ribbons
(which I can't seem to stop buying) on my Ribbon Rods
which I designed and sell at my Etsy site. I finally finished
labeling my inks (upside down,) because they keep longer
that way. Now it is so much easier to find the ink pad I am
looking for. I also have some desk top organizers labeled
with my embellishments, embossing powders, glitter and
faux jewels. I am a very visual person, if I see my items I
get inspired to use them. Otherwise I forget what I have.
I pick up a lot of my stuff on clearance and save it for the
perfect project, which never happens when I bury it
somewhere. I am going to work on my card projects this
weekend. I have a few ideas now thanks to the inspiration
from reading She
has some gorgeous cards that really have me thinking.
I will post them next week when their finished. Have a
good weekend.

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  1. I didn't know that about the embossing gun working better on aluminum. And I do tend to make a I will get myself an aluminum pan! Thanks for the tip!


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